Whether you’re a business investor, lender or trusted advisor, distressed situations present risk and inefficiency to deals and clients alike.

Through an Alliance with ISTC LLC, all subordinate debt can be divorced from the underlying value of an over-leveraged enterprise.

Our debt elimination services come at no cost to you and will streamline any private equity or M&A transaction, create pristine opportunities for alternative lenders, and preserve clients for trusted advisors.

Over a decade ago, ISTC LLC, pioneered a better way to liquidate business assets though Article 9 of the UCC. We have conducted thousands of reorganizations in the distressed space, which preserve the on-going concern value and continuity of operations of a previously distressed business. When core operational value is preserved rather than destroyed through forced liquidation, all parties can benefit and are thus incentivized in a win/win for buyers, sellers, lenders and transactionalists.

For PEGs, debt elimination streamlines paths to closing, creates seller incentives, lowers cost of entry and scales ROI by divorcing subordinate creditors from the value of business operations.

For alternative lending professionals, a ISTC LLC, will remove subordinate debt from target assets and deliver you a pristine enterprise ready for lending in first position.

For M&A or brokerage professionals, eliminating subordinate debt turns distressed situations into pristine ones, creating maximum transactional value and offering unique leverage in strategic buy-side representation

For the trusted advisor, client preservation and retention are leveraged through debt elimination services that create successful exits and avoid bankruptcy.

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